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I always make sure that I spend money on things that I would not feel guilty about later. This means that I'm not the type of person who goes on shopping sprees at the mall and buy things that I'll never actually wear. I can proudly say that I don't live a lavish life with material possessions that I have no need for.

However, books seem to be my weakness because I spend a lot of my money on them. You can often see me spending most of my time in a bookstore. I feel like I'm in heaven when I walk into Borders or Barnes and Noble and see the bestseller books aisle. A person can never have too many books or read too much in my opinion.

I'm very capable of recommending a particular author to my friends and family because I've read so many bestseller books. In fact, many of my coworkers know that they don't need to go out and purchase the bestseller books they're dying to read. After all, they can simply wait for a few weeks and then they can borrow my books.

About five years ago, I joined the Literary Guild book club and have long since fulfilled my required obligation. I love the fact that I can get most of the bestseller books for half the cost by joining the club. I can read a book in a weekend if it is worth reading.

Through the years, I have learned that bestseller books are not always the best books on the market. I've been won over by new authors or little known authors after I read so many of their books. I've passed those books onto coworkers who have also have never heard of the authors. Many of them agree that these less known books are much better than the some of the bestseller books that are on the market.

I think that some well-known authors' books go straight to the bestseller shelves simply because of the prominence of the author. It's not fair but I guess that's just the way the market seems to work. Now, I'm not condemning the bestseller books that are on the market because I'm just criticizing the system.
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